Garden harvest – Onion

Like life, the onion literally has different layers –  from the outer delicate and sometimes hard to the inner most core.

Our effort to grow onions in the zone 8b this year was fruitful to say the least – the couple of rows of bulbs planted yielded well to the weather and ground conditions finally rewarding us with whats in the picture .

The vibrant purple color and the crunchy texture added to the flavor of this  under rated vegetable which adds spice and flavor to our daily meals.

Onion harvest – organic, colorful, happy, dirty.

Color me green

On the way…. Striving to grow what we eat.

A small patch of garden plot,

a few seeds,

lots of sunshine,

rains here and there, endless effort tending to weed out not so welcome guests,

and lots of motivation from seeing so many others in this endeavor.

Organically grown and happy to be on the way to the kitchen table with this colorful harvest.

This group picture has malabar spinach, okra green and burgundy, egg plants, tomatoes, green beans. FullSizeRenderMore on the Instagram : thevalleygreens

Little Calendar 

Calendula is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae.

News is that its aka Marigolds —  Him and Her even bought a few marigold plants separately for the garden plot.

Calendula species have been used traditionally as culinary and medicinal herbs. The petals are edible and can be used fresh in salads or dried and can be used as a coloring agent too.

Calendula oil is still used medicinally as an anti inflammatory.

Reading up , now realize the numerous other benefits of the Calendula plant. Apart from the various medicinal and culinary services, it doubles up as a companion plant too.Best planted between rows of plants, its scent wards of various pests.

The bright yellow colors of the flower is sunshine in the sunshine. This adds so much color to compliment the green surroundings.

Heres the color of summer, started from the seeds sown a little into spring.


Rain Check

Come spring and summer (2015), there were showers of blessings accompanied by occasional thunderstorms.Being in the Zone 5 of the planting zones, it was important to check the planting/sowing times, for fear of an unexpected frost after April.
Closely watching the forecast proved useful in decisions about how much to water the plants in the garden plot.
Though there have been incidents of watering the plants and being surprised with rain showers.
Thanks to ample sunlight in the garden plot, most plants did well when challenged by rain or frost.
One learning while planning the garden plot is to consider the height that the plant can grow to and the sunlight that it can receive and the amount of sunlight it may possibly block to its neighbors.

Yellow Valley

Him and Her planned the inevitable two-day drive between mid west USA (IL) and southern USA (TX).

After what seemed like an all nighter of packing and loading , a cloudy Saturday afternoon was the lucky time of day to start. This was against the chosen planned Saturday Morning.
The bicycles that were constant company in spring, summer and onset of fall season had to move. Thanks to the bicycle stand, and some futile attempts of dissuasion to leave it back, it accompanied Him and Her on the journey.
As much as the thought of reaching the destination created a haste in us, was the temptation to stop by and smell the leaves.
The yellow of the fall season is one of the favorite color for Him and Her especially if it is on a canvas of nature.
This tempted a stop at the nature center to “quickly stop by” and get back on road.
The welcome spectacle at the nature center was sight to behold. The “quick stop” had to be bypassed to a stop and go picture by picture, frame by frame.
Needless to say, no justice done to the clocked colors of nature even with innumerable pictures and frames.
Here’s one ode to nature , which also selfishly speaks of the road trip of Him and Her.
The Sugar Grove Nature Center, IL
The Sugar Grove Nature Center, IL