Color me green

On the way…. Striving to grow what we eat.

A small patch of garden plot,

a few seeds,

lots of sunshine,

rains here and there, endless effort tending to weed out not so welcome guests,

and lots of motivation from seeing so many others in this endeavor.

Organically grown and happy to be on the way to the kitchen table with this colorful harvest.

This group picture has malabar spinach, okra green and burgundy, egg plants, tomatoes, green beans. FullSizeRenderMore on the Instagram : thevalleygreens


Rockin Rolls

In other news:

Going greener with spinach tortillas or palak rotis.

Yet to master the art of quick roti making  and keeping the end product soft and light, it was unanimously decided to find commercially off the shelf spinach tortillas.

Its not made of the healthier whole wheat flour – for those that have the question of whole wheat or not.

Some  shredded cheese and guacamole, with fresh salad greens and fresh carrot blend in cozily to the roll.

For dealing with stir fried veggies or veggie patties , these can roll into a meal when mixed with some choice of cheese and a splash of tomato sauce.

This has definitely been one of the quick meal options, and visually better way to pack in more salad greens for a change from the salad bowl.