Satya – Growing up, he used to frequent his grandparents village for summer vacation.
Well spent summer amid the lush greenery of the canals along the river Godavari in the quiet village not far from Rajhamundry.

Though later college and work didn’t allow luxury of frequent visits to the fields, his memories of time spent with grandparents are etched forever.
Trips gave away to college projects, then night out at work, onsite travel and long term onsite.
Along came the enthusiasm for electronics and photography, and occasionally time well spent in camping and along trails .

In between the usual “job in a software firm” , time well spent is considered when there’s time for fidgeting with electronics and/ or spending time outdoors.

Seema – A studious school kid, she remembers spending mornings at home in Mysore with the plants watering them- an early morning chore given by her mother.
Summer vacations spent at grandparents farms nestled in the mountains of Palakkad in Kerala are memories filled with early mornings, ripe mangoes, water falls and coconut trees.

Summer vacations grew less as schools progressed to college and then work rush of 9 to 5. Lost in the buildings of Bangalore, rare occasions of family trips to places like Yelagiri is what she cherishes always.

Satya and Seema –
The electronic buff from Andhra Pradesh and the studious Miss Virgo from Kerala happened to get together through a common friend (Really!).
We are now happily ever after.

We share many common interests music and outdoors being a few. Oh he is a Virgo too…..But electronics and books not included in the common interest group!

Most common factor we realized was nature and this blog is our journal as we experiment and learn on our adventures with photography, gardening and nature.
Our goal is to learn and most importantly enjoy the experience as we learn and share our thoughts.

To let us know what you think, or just, drop by to say hi : thevalleygreens@gmail.com

Twitter world is not far behind : @valley_greens


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