Minting Mint

Happy to report the fresh harvest of potted Mint.
Heres some lowdown on the mighty mint after reading up on articles caught in the www.
  • Wiki calls it Mentha.
  • Mints are supposed to be good companion plants, repelling pesty insects.
  • Hardy plants mostly, they tolerate a wide range of conditions and can also be grown in full sun.
  • Many different varieties of mint exist, each with its own flavor and aroma. PS: There’s a chocolate mint too.
  • Very good as an antioxidant.
  • Medicinal uses are quite notably present:
    • as an anti inflammatory to help calming and cooling the skin
    • Soothes the digestive tract- just chew a few washed leaves.
    • Used as a breath freshener.
The leaf is the culinary source of mint, and one of the best uses found to be easiest too is the Mint chutney. Its one of the reliable and trusted accomplice for the hot and steaming idly.
Many food blogs offer recipes for the chutney.
To put it in few steps here’s the base version:
grind to a fine paste fresh coconut, washed mint leaves, green chillies , salt, a little tamarind.
Make it tangy or spicy as you like it, keeping the flavor of each ingredient intact.
It does seem to be a flavorful little wonder.
Here’s a shot of the pretty little flavor packed harvest.
The Mighty Mint

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