Oh so Okra

Bhindi” , known in many English-speaking countries as ladies’ fingersokra or gumbo, was a member of the garden plot in the summer of 2015for Him and Her. It certainly didnt dissapoint, nor was it easily tamed.

Being a very sturdy plant, except against a frost and colder temperatures, the harvest value is the seed pods.

In cultivation, the seeds can be soaked prior to sowing them. Him and Her reserved two square feet on the garden plot, and seeds were not soaked before sowing them in rows.

Germination occurs between a week to three weeks according to www.

However, waiting and watering the soil, together with keeping a check on any weeds is a good idea.

The plant grows to around 2m tall with significant and pleasantly colored flowers.

The flowers have white to yellow petals,  with a red or purple spot at the base of each petal.

The seed pods rapidly become fibrous and woody, and, to be edible, must be harvested quickly.

Okra is a popular food due to its high fiber, folate and vitamin C content.

The products of the plant are mucilaginous, resulting in the characteristic “goo” or slime when the seed pods are cooked. A dash of lime is known to help reduce the sliminess. Or cook them quickly like a stir fry.Smaller and the more tender ones can be stuffed with some spice powders mixed with salt and lime juice, and pan roasted.


Rockin Rolls

In other news:

Going greener with spinach tortillas or palak rotis.

Yet to master the art of quick roti making  and keeping the end product soft and light, it was unanimously decided to find commercially off the shelf spinach tortillas.

Its not made of the healthier whole wheat flour – for those that have the question of whole wheat or not.

Some  shredded cheese and guacamole, with fresh salad greens and fresh carrot blend in cozily to the roll.

For dealing with stir fried veggies or veggie patties , these can roll into a meal when mixed with some choice of cheese and a splash of tomato sauce.

This has definitely been one of the quick meal options, and visually better way to pack in more salad greens for a change from the salad bowl.

Little Calendar 

Calendula is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae.

News is that its aka Marigolds —  Him and Her even bought a few marigold plants separately for the garden plot.

Calendula species have been used traditionally as culinary and medicinal herbs. The petals are edible and can be used fresh in salads or dried and can be used as a coloring agent too.

Calendula oil is still used medicinally as an anti inflammatory.

Reading up , now realize the numerous other benefits of the Calendula plant. Apart from the various medicinal and culinary services, it doubles up as a companion plant too.Best planted between rows of plants, its scent wards of various pests.

The bright yellow colors of the flower is sunshine in the sunshine. This adds so much color to compliment the green surroundings.

Heres the color of summer, started from the seeds sown a little into spring.


Minting Mint

Happy to report the fresh harvest of potted Mint.
Heres some lowdown on the mighty mint after reading up on articles caught in the www.
  • Wiki calls it Mentha.
  • Mints are supposed to be good companion plants, repelling pesty insects.
  • Hardy plants mostly, they tolerate a wide range of conditions and can also be grown in full sun.
  • Many different varieties of mint exist, each with its own flavor and aroma. PS: There’s a chocolate mint too.
  • Very good as an antioxidant.
  • Medicinal uses are quite notably present:
    • as an anti inflammatory to help calming and cooling the skin
    • Soothes the digestive tract- just chew a few washed leaves.
    • Used as a breath freshener.
The leaf is the culinary source of mint, and one of the best uses found to be easiest too is the Mint chutney. Its one of the reliable and trusted accomplice for the hot and steaming idly.
Many food blogs offer recipes for the chutney.
To put it in few steps here’s the base version:
grind to a fine paste fresh coconut, washed mint leaves, green chillies , salt, a little tamarind.
Make it tangy or spicy as you like it, keeping the flavor of each ingredient intact.
It does seem to be a flavorful little wonder.
Here’s a shot of the pretty little flavor packed harvest.
The Mighty Mint