Wired Glamour

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Gardening is holistic for some of us who don’t hit the gym too often.

Him and Her traded the activities  of weekend cycling and walking for bending over to clear weeds , water the plants, check the plants and such other tasks together. This proved to be fun, exercise to build an appetite  and a chance to use the picnic basket for Her.This basket replenished with snacks, fruit, juice and the likes!
There was a time where these baskets made of colorful plastic wires used to be prevalent in every household in regions south of India. Used mostly for groceries /vegetables , this convenient and washable item slowly gave way to plastic covers, and now hopefully cloth/paper bags.
Chanced upon one such wired bag on a recent trip to Chennai based Ratna Stores, it was her who decided to lug it along. It doubles up as a picnic basket inspite  of him smirking at the glamour quotient!
Must add that these are quite sturdy and reliable.