Harvest – Tomatoes& chillies

Heres a picture of the chillies and tomatoes harvested from the raised bed.IMG_0111

Well, actually the tomato was the wild one that was mentioned in an earlier post.

Interspersed are a few mint leaves….Did you notice them?



Humble Radish

Never would have thought that the sight of radish can bring such delight.

It was among the first crops at the garden plot.Reading up on the seed to harvest time , it seemed to be one hardy plant.

Bought the seeds for icicle (white long) radishes and the cherry red radish from the nearest store.

Square foot garden method suggests about 16 seeds in a one foot square. Keeping a risk factor of 50% (Yes, it was Her idea), Him and Her allowed more than 3 square foot interspersed in the garden plot for the red radish and one for the white.

Unfortunately , the white ones didn’t do well. The plant grew quite tall and this is the catch situation in roots vegetation. Its 0 or 1, and you cannot know the vegetable status unless its out!

The red radish had a good run. First harvest of the garden plot were the radishes and it was a happy evening indeed for Him and Her.





Chili tales

The raised bed Raised-Bed-Post had two squares of chili. Him and Her got saplings from the neighborhood nursery. Two were planted in the raised bed and two were allocated to be planted at the farm plot.

The two saplings at the raised bed fared remarkably well compared to the ones in the garden plot. Still to figure out the reason for it.

From a two square feet patch in the raised bed garden , the harvest yielded about 2kilos of chillies. Which would be about 4Pounds . Sounds a lot and it is so!

The satisfaction is priceless when you get to pick the veggies fresh for the kitchen.


Wild one

As the raised bed was being tended to, a surprise guest found its way through the corner of the raised bed.

A tomato wine , should say a wild one , weathered the soil preparation and raised bed set up and managed very well.

Him and Her were glad with the harvest from this wild one. Delicious green to start with and delicious red to harvest.

Merry christmas all !IMG_0008