Raised bed project

While the garden plot was being prepped, Him and Her decided on having a raised bed garden in the space at home.

Project started by a visit to nearest Lowes, where we were helped by a gracious attendant. He told us about the type of wood to go for – Cedar an optimal choice. We learnt that Cedar wood is very weather resistant. He even helped cutting out the wood for ease of putting together the raised bed.

To add color to the activity, Her plan was to paint it red…literally. A spray paint and mask and an hour on a sunny weekend morning helped.

The project then went into design phase with Him getting out the paraphernalia to measure out and mark and cut out details and points where to joints need to be stapled together,

The four Cedar blocks were stapled together with some reinforcement wooden blocks at the points where they joined. A weed barrier cloth was used to make a base and the edges of the cloth was carefully stretched out and stapled alongside.

A bag of soil was poured into the ready box once it was positioned into place. Using the Square foot gardening techniques for efficiency, Him and Her marked 8 squares using threads across the length and breadth of the 4feet by feet box.


The seeds that went in were:









Seed Starters – Peas tomatoes

Its going to be hibernation time for most colder parts of the USA with winter fast approaching.

What better way to stay warm than to write up on summer experiences.

So here we continue on The Green Valley  gardening experiences.

One useful learning was to ensure prompt labeling. With different varieties of every vegetable, its easier to forget the spacing requirements later while transplanting.

To note, the peas didn’t do too well during transplanting. Tomatoes were hardy and we had more saplings to share with friends too.