Seed Starters- Methi

METHI or Fenugreek is used as

a herb (dried or fresh)

a spice ( seeds, mostly used in the Indian subcontinent cuisines)

a vegetable (fresh leaves).

We used a plastic container to sow few Methi seeds got from the store. Not a very fussy green, this picture shows how the Methi tender stems bent towards the sunlight.


Seed Starters

We decided to put in additional effort and time for the cleaning out pebbles and stones at the garden plot.

In the meanwhile, we started some of the plants from seeds indoors. Illinois is still cold in the March-April months, and we needed to have some saplings to begin.

Finding the right place to have warmth and sunlight required a little experimenting between options such as the furnace room or the space right near the window pane.

Seed starters Indoor
Seed starters Indoor
Seed starters Indoor

Preparing the plot

The town authorities running the community garden program til the plot before handover. For her excitement of a first timer and his enthusiasm to continue his gardening skills, we visited our allocated plot more than once. We noticed that though the overall soil condition was amazing, some of the bordering plots, like ours, were layered with lot of stones and gravel.

It was a damper, since we hadn’t planned for the effort of “gravel and stone removing”!. Many lovely spring weekends were spent picking stones from the plot. Here is what we had to tackle on our plot of dimension 10 feet by 20 feet.

Valley greens

First input in gardening – the Land

We started preparing for the farming idea by the end of Winter.

In following posts, will share some pictures that tell our tale of gardening, with a few thoughts added in.

To start with, here is when we went to see the assigned plot.The application and fee included 20$ and about an hour of wait for the turn.(Indication that there are many farming/gardening enthusiasts).

Allocated Plots
Allocated Plots